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Newlands Spring Primary and Nursery School


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Why is Maths Mastery important?

All children need a deep understanding of the mathematics they are learning so that:

  • future mathematical learning is built on solid foundations which do not need to be re-taught;
  • there is no need for separate catch-up programmes due to some children falling behind;
  • the children are better equipped to keep up with their peers, leading to gaps in attainment being narrowed whilst the attainment of all is raised.

Mastery of the key mathematical concepts and techniques will enhance understanding, enjoyment and achievement for every child.

You can continue to support your child by supporting them to practise and communicate their knowledge of number bonds, times tables, knowledge of place value and their understanding of shape.

The following booklets and workshop handouts have been produced by the teachers of Newlands Spring to help you support your child at home.

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