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Newlands Spring Primary and Nursery School



Newlands Spring is host to Grow: an early intervention, enhanced provision for children with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) difficulties.

The Grow Team work across Mid-Essex to support children who have experienced challenges in coping within their own mainstream setting. Placements are time limited with the expectation that pupils return to their referring school.

Grow specialist staff are highly skilled in using Trauma Perceptive Practice (TPP) and appreciate that behaviour is a form of communication. Our aim is to help children to recognise their full potential: enabling them to develop confidence, awareness, stress regulation strategies, resilience and improved well-being.

Grow is a safe, empathetic environment where kindness and compassion are paramount. We empower children to regain hope and discover a love of learning. Relationships are central to everything we do at Grow and we work closely with other professionals, referring schools and parents to build trusting relationships and facilitate the successful re-integration of pupils to their referring school.

All applications will go through the SEMH panel.

If you wish to make an application please complete the request for support form, which is available here:


Mrs J Middleton – Head of GROW Provision







Mrs C Smith – Deputy Head of Provision

Mrs H Millar - Specialist Support

Mrs J Wade - Specialist Support

Mrs R Dawson-Hand - Specialist Support

Mrs K Ambrose - Specialist Support

Contact Details

Newlands Spring Primary and Nursery School
Dickens Place
Newlands Spring
School Telephone Number: 01245 442031 Ext 509
GROW Direct Number: 07873 167106


As part of Newlands Spring, Grow adheres to  both the school and Attain wide policies, which can be found here.  However, the following policies are Grow specific:

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