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Newlands Spring Primary School

Our Staff


Reception (Oak Bay): Miss Holme Reception (Willow Bay): Mrs Perry
Year 1 (Ash Bay): Mrs Coulson Year 1 (Lime Bay): Mrs Dubiel
Year 2 (Elm Bay): Miss Maslen Year 2 (Maple Bay): Mrs Cross
Year 3 (Holly Bay): Miss Bishop Year 3 (Pine Bay): Mrs Davis
Year 4 (Beech Bay): Miss Barnes Year 4 (Chestnut Bay): Mrs Clifton
Year 5 (Rowan Bay): Mrs Cross Year 5 (Sycamore Bay): Miss Edwards
Year 6 (Cedar Bay): Mrs Rusby Year 6 (Spruce Bay): Miss Carpenter
Grow: Mrs Middleton SENDCo: Miss Young
PPA Cover: Mrs Barker, Mrs Randall, Miss Traver, Mrs Webber Supply: Mrs Clark, Mrs Goodfellow, Mrs Holme
Other: Mrs Ingrouille (1:1 Tuition)  

Learning Support Assistants (LSAs)

Reception (Oak Bay):  Mrs Thomas Reception (Willow Bay): Mrs Harvey
Year 1 (Ash Bay): Mrs Sims Year 1 (Lime Bay): Miss Snelling
Year 2 (Elm Bay): Mrs Wagstaff Year 2 (Maple bay): Mrs Stafford
Year 3: Mrs Hillman Year 4: Mrs Beasley
Year 5: Mrs Dalby Year 6: Mrs Fowles

SEN Welfare LSAs

Mrs Arnott Mrs Barber Miss Berris  Mrs Y Cooper 
Mrs Clark (Relief) Mrs Dalby (Pupil Mentor) Ms De Crem (Grow) Mrs Eade
Mrs Edoo  Mrs Glass (Relief) Mrs Gore Mrs Gowers 
Mrs Master (Grow) Ms McLaren Mrs Millar Mrs Peirce
Mrs Pudney (Grow) Mrs Revell (Speech & Language) Mrs Smith (Grow) Mrs Steen
Mrs Tomlinson Mrs Wilson    


School Business Manager: Mrs Orley     
Admin Assistant: Mrs Eaves Admin/HR: Mrs Harris
Health & Safety Co-ordinator/ICTCoordinator: Mrs Ellwood Admin/Reception: Mrs Weatherhead 
Pastoral Manager: Ms Rettie  Admin/Reception: Mrs Fisher

Mid-Day Assistants (MDAs)

Mrs Wagstaff (Senior MDA, Hall)  Mrs Beasley (Senior MDA, Playground)    
Mrs Arnott (Relief) Mrs Berris  Mrs Bodimeade Mrs Eades   
Mrs Gore  Mrs Hewitt Mrs Holyroyd Mrs Masters
Mrs Miles Mrs Millar Mrs Peake Mrs Pinch (Relief)
Miss Smith (Relief) Miss Snelling Mrs Steen Mrs Watson 
Mrs Williams (Relief)      

Peripatetic Music Teachers

Mrs Andrews: Brass Ms Adejayan: Cello
Mr Calabro: Guitar  Miss Carnell: Violin
Mr Catchpole: Woodwind Mr Montgomery: Piano and keyboard 
Mr Parkin: Singing Mr Reyland: Drum
Mrs Perkins: Violin  

Springers Breakfast and Afterschool Club

Manager: Mrs Tracey Brown        
Mrs Barber Mrs Fisher Miss Havens Mrs Town


Caretaker: Mr Fleming         
Mrs Apps Mrs Barnard  Mrs Davis (Relief)  Mrs Foster
Mrs Scofield      


Head Cook: Mrs Goodall        
Mrs Anderson Mrs Hatch Mrs Lee Mrs Oni
Mrs Webb      

Swimming Pool

Pool Manager: Mrs Watson      
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