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Newlands Spring Primary and Nursery School

Our Governors

Each Attain Academy Partnership academy is accountable to the Trust Board. The Local Governing Bodies facilitiate this and ensure that the academies within the Trust can realistically meet the requirements of the Trust.

The Local Governing Body consists of appointed and elected members from all sections of the community. They can be parents, staff at the school, residents in the locality or representatives of local businesses. Governors are appointed to the Local Governing Body by the Trust Board

The aim of the Local Governing Body is to make sure that the academy is a safe, happy and pleasant environment for the children and staff to learn and play together.  They ensure that the education your child receives is the best that can be provided.

The Governors meet every half term as a Local Governing Body to discuss specific areas of academy business. Governors attendance at LGB meetings may be found here.

Declaration of Business and Pecuniary Interest can be viewed here: Governors

Governors Scheme of Delegation can be found within the Governors Handbook


The Local Governing Body consists of the following members:

Name Date of Appointment Date of Expiry Role & Responsibilities
Mrs Becky Dawson-Hand 2 December 2018 1 December 2022
Chair of the Local Governing Body
Health & Safety Governor 
Training Link Governor
Parent Governor
Mrs Liz Collins 6 December 2017 5 December 2021
Quality of Education
Leadership and Management
Parent Governor
Mrs Carol Eaves 28 January 2015 20 January 2023
EYFS Provision 
Staff Governor
Mr Rob Tipper 6 December 2017 5 December 2021
Parent Governor
Mrs Sarah Orley     Company Secretary                                      Chief Finance Officer of Attain
Essex County Council Clerking Service     Clerk to Governors 

Ex-Governors: Mrs Joanna Taylor (Date of Appointment: 29 November 2016, Date of Leaving: 1 November 2018); Mr Nick Brotherston (Date of Appointment:  1 December 2014, Date of Leaving: 1 December 2018); Mr Matt Holmes (Date of Appointment: 27 March 2014, Date of Leaving: 23 January 2019); Mrs Jo Iredale (Date of Appointment: 4 October 2016, Date of Leaving: 18 September 2019); Mrs Lisa Ingrouille (Date of Appointment: 5 July 2016, Date of Leaving: 31 August 2019 ); Mrs Carly Griggs (Date of Appointment: 5 October 2016, Date of leaving: 13 November 2019); Mrs Joy Clark (Date of Appointment: 28 January 2019, Date of Leaving: 10 March 2021)

Further Information

If you have any suggestions to help improve the school or concerns that you would like to raise with the Local Governing Body, the Chair of Governors can be contacted directly via email at  admin@newlandsspring.essex.sch.uk  or in writing via the school office (marked 'For the Attention  of the Chair of Governors') 

If you are interested in finding out more about being a Governor please take a look at the National Governors' Website or you can contact Mrs Hawkes  or the Chair of Governors via the school office for more information and dates of meetings.

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