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Newlands Spring Primary and Nursery School


Following the governments decision to delay the full opening of the vast majority of primary schools across the South East of the country, Newlands Spring Primary and Nursery school will be providing remote learning for the vast majority of its pupils. Further details will follow on  Monday 4th January. These arrangements will be in place for the first two weeks of term as a minimum and will be reviewed by the government prior to 18th January

Onsite Provision

As was the case during the national lockdown last spring, Newlands Spring Primary and Nursery School will remain open only for the children of critical workers and children classed as vulnerable. 

Critical Worker as defined by the government:  

  • Health and social care  
  • Education and childcare  
  • Key public services  
  • Local and national government 
  • Food and other necessary goods 
  • Public safety and national security 
  • Transport 
  • Utilities, communication and financial services 

Critical Worker provision is only available if all parents/carers in your household are in the Critical Worker category and you do not have the capacity to care for your child at home.

We ask that parents consider very carefully whether they need to request a place for their child. The fewer children we have the school, the fewer staff are needed and therefore the safer we can keep our whole school community.


Children who have been allocated a place for onsite learning are expected to attend school every day.

However, children must not attend school if they have Coronavirus or are showing symptoms of Coronavirus (however mild). They must also not attend school if a member of their household has Coronavirus or is showing symptoms of Coronavirus.

There is an expectation that parents/carers will engage in the test and trace programme, please visit NHS test and trace: how it works - GOV.UK for more information. A negative result would be required before a child was able to return to school.

The school will respond to a confirmed case by closing the relevant ‘bubble’ (or group) for a 10-day isolation period and deep clean the classroom and facilities. Siblings of isolated pupils would also have to isolate for 10 days but not their corresponding ‘bubble’.

Remote Learning  

Work will be set on DB primary for your child and will include English, maths and topic lessons each day. Video explanations will be available and each week your child will have a video conference with their teacher in a small group to discuss their work.

Children in nursery and reception will have activities set on Tapestry.
More information about remote learning may be found here.

Wraparound Care

Wraparound childcare can continue to operate for face-to-face provision, from the start of term, in line with the local restriction tiers guidance. If you are  critical worker and you require wraparound care please email springers@newlandsspring.essex.sch.uk .

Social Distancing and Hygiene

Maintaining hygiene is of the utmost importance. All children will need to regularly wash or sanitise their hands, including on entry to school, after using the toilers, before and after eating or moving from one are to another. You can send in some hand cream for your child to keep in school if they suffer from dry skin.

Social distancing is not a requirement for the children who are in a bubble together, they may share equipment and work together on tasks. However,

  • Throughout the school day, ‘Bubbles’ will be kept separated from others. This includes break and lunchtime, breakfast and after school clubs, and during any interventions and/or activities the children may be involved in.
  • Children will be seated at a desk with another child and all the desks will be facing the front of the classroom. They will need to stay at their desks as much as possible.
  • Children will be expected to keep their distance from the adults in school (and all adults will be socially distancing from each other as well).
  • At playtime and lunchtime they will be directed to play in a certain ‘zone’ with the rest of their class, and not mix with other classes.
  • The school won’t meet together as a group. 
  • Staff are still expected to maintain social distancing from the children where possible.

Government advice remains that face masks or PPE are not necessary in schools as it interferes with teaching and learning. There may, however, be occasions when a member of staff wears a mask or a visor.

Should your child use a mask travelling to and from school they will be asked to keep the mask in their school bag for the duration of the school day.


Our cleaning protocols and regularity of cleaning have increased significantly and will continue to do so in all areas of the school, toilet facilities, hall, door handles, classrooms etc. cleaning materials will be available in each room.


Our expectations of behaviour will remain high and even more important than ever to keep our entire community safe and able to focus on their learning. These expectations will be shared with the children and will apply for both onsite and remote learning.

Helping to keep our school community safe

If your child has symptoms of Covid 19 you must keep them at home and not send them to school. The government advice is clear - 

The most important symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are recent onset of any of the following:

  • a new continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

For most people, coronavirus (COVID-19) will be a mild illness. However, if you have any of the symptoms above you must stay at home and arrange to have a test to see if you have COVID-19 – go to testing to arrange. 
For more information click here.

If your child displays any symptoms of covid-19 at school you will be required collect them and take them, along with any siblings, home.

For guidance on testing please click here 

To request a test click here or call 119

Emergency Closure Procedures

In the event of school closure or the requirement for a 'bubble' to self-isolate, we will notify parents and carers as soon as possible via SchoolComms. If you are not registered for SchoolComms please enquire at the school office. 

Risk Assessment

The academy carried out a thorough risk assessment prior to reopening the school in line with government guidance. This risk assessment is under constant review to ensure  its effectiveness. The current version of the risk assessment is available on request from the academy office.

Further Information

Further guidance and information is available via the links below should you wish to read more about the government plans to reopen in September:

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