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What age will the children be?

The nursery class will be for 3 – 4 year olds. Parents will be able to apply for a place starting the term after which their child becomes 3 years old. 

Who will teach and care for my child?

The class will be led by an experienced early years teacher. The team will also include at least onelevel 3 early years practitioner and two more qualified early years staff. There will be 26 places morning and afternoon.

What time are the sessions?

The morning session will be 8.45 – 11.45am. Parents will be able to drop off until 9.00 am to enable them to drop off primary children first, if necessary.
The afternoon session will be 12.30 – 3.30pm.

There will be the option to stay, or come early, for a hot lunch and lunchtime supervision (11.45 – 12.30). This will be available to children who attend either session. There will be a charge for this of £5.00 .

All 3 -4 year olds are entitled to 15 hours free nursery provision. This could be taken as 5 morning sessions, 5 afternoon sessions or a combination of full and half days.  Additional sessions could be requested at a cost of £15.00 per session, subject to availability.

Some 3 – 4 years olds are entitled to 30 hours free nursery provision. This would be taken as 5 full days 8.45 – 3.30pm. 

The 30 hour provision could also be split with another provider as long as at least 15 hours were in the Newlands Spring nursery class.

For children staying for a full day they could either go home for the lunch  break (11.45—12.30) or stay for lunch. There would be a charge for the hot lunch and lunchtime supervision of £5.00. If parents prefer to send a packed lunch the £5 supervision charge would apply.

Is there ‘wrap-around’ care?

Mini-Springers: In line with Springers, a provision will be offered for term time weekday before and after school care for 3 – 4 year olds. This provision will run from 7.30 – 8.45am and 3.30 – 6.00pm. There will be a charge for this service, it would not be covered by the 15 or 30 hours entitlement. The before school session will cost £5, the after school session will cost £10 and the cost will be £13 for both the before and after school session.

Holiday Club: In line with Springers, there will holiday provision each half term, the first week of the Easter holidays and for three weeks in the summer holidays. There will be a charge for this service, it would not be covered by the 15 or 30 hours entitlement.

What experiences will my child have?

The nursery curriculum is based on the seven areas of learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. The nursery class will be in our purpose built early years classroom, equipped with play resources to develop creativity, problem solving and enjoyment of learning.

Personal, social and emotional development

Young children are interested in other people. We will give them opportunities to understand their own feelings and emotions and to become aware of the needs of others. Children’s early experiences that come from the home and family life provide a basis from which they develop ideas of sharing, tolerance and respect for each other and living things. Children learn to cope with group situations at nursery by, for example, taking it in turns to speak.

Communication and Language

Children learn through language and this helps them to understand the world around them. Children will be offered a rich and varied experience of opportunities to develop their speaking, understanding and listening skills.

Physical development

Children will be given a range of opportunities to develop their moving and handling skills. These include learning how to move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space and how to handle equipment and tools effectively, including pencils for writing. Children will learn about keeping healthy and how to look after themselves. These skills will be developed through engaging in a range of physical activities and enjoying snack time.


Children will learn to listen to and join in with nursery rhymes, stories and poems. This helps them to develop their understanding of how stories are made, of the characters, main events and story setting. Every child will have the opportunity to experience a range of activities to develop their early phonic skills. For example by developing an awareness of sounds around us, joining in with rhyming and rhythmic activities and developing an awareness of rhyme and alliteration. Children will be encouraged to explore writing materials in both imaginative and directed activities.

Mathematical Development

Children will be given first hand experiences of natural and everyday materials. This helps them develop basic ideas about shapes, space and position. Sorting, measuring, counting, comparing and sequencing are all activities which take place every day.

Understanding the World

Looking at the world around them helps young children to develop lively and enquiring minds. Children will be encouraged to develop observational and problem solving skills through first hand activities.

Expressive arts and design

Children will be encouraged to explore sounds, colours, textures, shape and space. Imaginative play helps develop ideas and children are also encouraged to listen and observe through activities like drama, music and craft. Children are introduced to a wide range of materials, tools and instruments to encourage them to express their ideas and communicate their feelings.

How can I apply?

Parents will be required to complete an application form requesting a place for the term after which their child becomes three.  Applications will be considered in the preceding term and confirmed by the Local Governing Body. Applications will be considered in accordance with the admissions criteria, which will be in line with the admissions criteria for Newlands Spring Primary School. These are:

  1. Looked after children
  2. Siblings of children attending Newlands Spring Primary School
  3. Children living in the catchment area for Newlands Spring Primary School
  4. Children living outside the catchment area

Please note: A place in the Newlands Spring nursery class is not a guarantee of a place at Newlands Spring Primary School. All parents need to apply through the Local Authority for a reception place

If you would like to register your interest in a place for September 2020 please complete a ‘Registration of Interest’ form or contact the manager for further information on nursery@newlandsspring.essex.sch.uk

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